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    Old Megrelian Food Menu 2023



    The full lunch menu unites Megrelian cuisine’s rare and forgotten dishes, which over the course of six years Oda’s team has learned, revived, and become recognized for worldwide. These dishes are only available to taste at Oda Family Marani. In addition, the menu includes a pairing with natural wines from Samegrelo and Lechkhumi. Meal hosted by Oda Family winery’s founder, wine writer and essayist Keto Ninidze.

    • Menu includes 7 dishes (sharing portions) and 3 glasses (150 ml each) of wine;
    • Menu includes Martvili’s organic tea / coffee, “Mtis Tskali” glass-bottled water, and sourdaugh bread;
    • Length of lunch – 3 hours;


    • 3+ guests - 150 GEL (per person)
    • 1-3 guests - 400 GEL (per group);
    • Discount is available to partner companies for groups of more than 15 guests.

    Prices for tour guides and drivers:

    • with more than 5 guests - 40 GEL;
    • with 1-4 guests - 50 GEL.

    1. Pickled kohlrabi in a sweet-spicy dressing with bean salsa, served with fresh Chachamuta mchadi cornbread.
    2. Toasted Ghomi polenta with Jurjani offal paté, spicy strained Matsoni yogurt, fermented beets, and Ojaleshi wine sauce.

    3. Gadzghirkia’s salad – Bazha walnut sauce, nettle balls, chicken, green peas, and cornbread croutons.

    Baked Goods
    4. Khachapuri “Lamberti” – burrata/gebzhalia-pizza/khachapuri hybrid, served with Abkhazian Drdz herbed yogurt sauce and topped with herbs from our garden.

    Main Dish
    5. Her royal highness Megrelian Kharcho, with walnuts, dried persimmon, and tomato.

    6. Abkhazian extra-cheesy and stretchy Chemkva polenta made with fresh cheese, served with various Ajika sauces.

    7. Burrata-style Gebzhalia dessert with stewed seasonal fruit and caramelized pear-cornbread crumble.

    Tsolikouri 2022
    Dry, amber.
    Samegrelo, village Chaburta.
    Oda Family Marani

    Naked Ojaleshi 2022
    Dry, rosé 
    Samegrelo, village Targameuli.
    Oda Family Marani

    Orbeluri Ojaleshi 2022
    Dry, red.
    Lechkhumi, village Orbeli.
    Oda Family Marani